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Don't waste time re-inventing the wheel.


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We knew there were other organizations already working in Cambodia; rather than re-inventing the wheel, we partnered with them to leverage their 'boots on the ground' presence. 

From our earliest meetings, Women for Women Ohio  quickly realized we would spend (and honestly waste) a good deal of money building infrastructure in Cambodia.  Several groups came to our attention, groups with a physical presence and structure in Cambodia already.  

We chose two key organizations to help in our mission:   Friendship with Cambodia and  Caring for Cambodia.  Today, we work with both to ensure a full and speedy transition from money to books, tuition, dorms etc.  




Through Women for Women Ohio's relationship with FWC, our girls in Cambodia are are provided opportunities to engage in meaningful ways and contribute to their communities. 

FWC's mission is to respond to the suffering in Cambodia by providing humanitarian aid that empowers people to help themselves.  The collaborative effort between W4WO and FWC  delivers funds directly to the girls in Cambodia, allowing for greater utilization of both organizations' assets.

Through FWC,  we at Women for Women Ohio sponsor promising girls in a remote, rural area to attend university; girls who otherwise would not have been able to attend school.  Most live too far away to travel to the school on a daily basis so they cannot live at home with their families. They would typically have to find a friend or relative willing to take them, a difficult financial burden for the host family.  

Following completion of high school, girls must leave their villages and live in Phnom Penh or other larger centers.  W4WO sponsorships cover the costs of tuition, books, and living expenses for those without family or other support.  These are bright, hard-working girls who otherwise would have had no opportunity for higher education.


Caring for Cambodia's goal is secure a better, brighter future for the children of Cambodia through education and by building schools that stand up to world-class standards.  CFC invests in hiring and training teachers and empowering them to be mentors.  CFC also promotes Girls Matter!, a program to keep girls in school and challenges teachers, students and families to bring change through gender equity in education. Funds raised by Women for Women Ohio go to support the Girls Matter! programs which in turn helps more girls graduate from high school and become university eligible.